Cirque Du Soleil Managerial History And Use Of The Blue Ocean Strategy

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The title for one of Cirque du Soleil’s earliest productions, “We reinvent the circus” could not provide any better description for the company. When Cirque entered the circus market, circuses focused on increasing their market shares at the expense of their competitors by “generating new acts by dressing up what already existed” (Williamson 6). This includes securing better-known clowns and animal tamers, all of which raise the overall operating costs of the traditional circus without substantially altering the circus experience. In comparison, Cirque du Soleil has offered its clients the thrilling experience of the circus coupled with the intellectual sophistication and artistic richness ...view middle of the document...

In its analysis of the traditional circus industry, Cirque found that the appeal came down to three factors, including the clowns, the tent, and the classic acrobatic acts. Cirque kept the clowns, but changed its demeanor from humorous to a more mature and enchanting style. It developed a beautifully designed tent, which other circuses had discarded in favor of rented venues such as “civic arenas and sports stadiums” (Williamson 4). Moreover, acrobats and other fun performers were kept, but Cirque changed their acts to create a more stylish show by adding “operatic and choreographed” movement (Williamson 2). However, although traditional circuses promoted notorious performers, Cirque created the vision that their performers, who, unlike the industry norm, are non-unionized “play roles within the larger show”. Cirque plays down the attention to individual performers, making them “anonymous to the audience” by creating a programme that “buries the names of the individual artists in a cast list at the back” (Williamson 4).
Although Cirque removed a large portion of the traditional circus, it created new pieces drawn from the theater. Specifically, unlike traditional circuses featuring a series of unrelated acts, each Cirque performance resembles a theatrical show in that it has a theme and story line. Although the themes are “intentionally vague”, they, along with extraordinary costumes and music, bring an “intellectual” piece to the acts (Williamson 3). Additionally, rather than putting on a “big name” show, Cirque has created multiple productions based on different themes, musical scores, and story lines similar to many Broadway productions. By staging multiple productions, the company gives people reason to come to Cirque more often, increasing revenues. By introducing the intellectual factors, Cirque has created highly sophisticated performances. As a result, when compared to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey...

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