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Circle Of Life Essay

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Angel Batton
The Circle of Life
Dec. 7, 2014

In this essay I will be talking about several things one will be the thoughtful and insights the American Indians have in their spirituality. The second would be the contrast of more undeviating time, universe, also ideas of current ethnic religions. I wish to attempt to associate Black Elk's impressions with the Christian sight of nature and intention of Creation.
In his younger days, Black Elk was an Oglala, Lakota faith healer. Farther along now in his lifetime, a committed Classical Catholic. Black Elks quotation “the Circle of life” is an explanation of in what way the circle or sacred ring held important control and defense ...view middle of the document...

( Owen, Suzanne,p.183) I am misrepresented from this. Understanding all the issues of the religious matter of the Indian stand point due to the matter on everything the Indians do is known as coming from a spiritual stand point. Whether, they are cooking, planting, and raising their children, plowing in the field, shaking the trees for nuts or just sitting around a campfire. They also pray before the days hunt and spirituality for their children’s mate you can name anything it must come from a pray and a rite. Their Taboo is none like any other religion. I believe that the Indians are the only spirituality that has surpassed all others. I am a Christian and I Love my God and will defend him to the end our faith is based on a lot of the same points. We pray to a living God the Indians pray to spiritual Gods that may be of different origins. We both use a form of symbolism. Christians use the cross as a reminder of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. The American Indians they use different symbols to represent different things.
Americans are straight forward. Are worth of logic and linear rationalization with people to speak plainly and in a forthright way. To other if you do not “express it just how it is” you basically destroy...

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