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Cigarette Taxes: Do They Have An Effect On Reducing The Demand For Them?

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Cigarette Taxes: Do They Have An Effect On Reducing The Demand For Them?
By Lenora Walker
Virginia College
June 02, 2014

Cigarette Taxes: Do They Have an Effect on Reducing the Demand for Them?
Cigarette taxes may stop some from smoking but in the long run people will find a way to keep smoking. There are some that are quitting for health reasons. In 2005 there was a decline between 1.5 percent and 2.5 percent. If cigarette taxes are earmarked then it can cause problems in funding education, health services, or other programs that will most likely grow over time. Policymakers and advocates should consider if a cigarette tax increase is necessary.
In 2009 President Obama asked for a ...view middle of the document...

The government spends the cigarette tax money on different venues. The first thing it does is distribute some of the money back to individual states, a lot of states depend on federal subsidies that fund a lot of social work programs that eventually filters into state parks and local communities. The remaining goes to federal government funds that are health related on a national level like the tobacco and general health education, cancer research grants along with military health benefits. Depending on where you shop they may charge an additional tax by the local municipalities. And the money that is collected is unregulated. This could be allocated to local health programs, traffic enforcement and even city employee payroll.
They do not spend one penny on anti-smoking programs. The state’s Tobacco Cessation and Prevention program is funded by whatever the law makers decide. (CBS Broadcasting Inc., 2010) Breslau shared that “Our hope is that incrementally we increase funding to the program over the next several years. We’re not looking for all the money that comes into the state to go the tobacco control program.” He estimates that a $25 million budget create a strong that is more than being spent today. (Breslau, 2010) The president proposes that the cigarette tax be raise by 94cents that would save the country more than 63 million in long term health care cost. That is according the American Cancer Society Action Network. (ACS Can, 2013) they also estimate that with fewer smokers they would save approximately $821 million in ten years. The country spends and additional $10.47 on health care cost. If they would increase the tobacco tax it would reduce these costs and save lives at the same time. To view more information on the estimates follow this link
Some key facts about smoking is that contains over 7, 000 chemicals and 69 of them are known to cause cancer. It is responsible for about 90 percent if lung cancer deaths. And approximately 80-90 percent is COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) deaths. 70% started smoking at 18 or younger and 86% at the age 26 or under. Chronic lung disease accounts for 73% of smoking lung disease. The ones that have quit smoking about 50% have smoke related conditions. It can also cause coronary heart disease, strokes and a lot other cancerous diseases....

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