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Cieh Level 4 Food Safety Assignment 1

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Page 1 Index

Page 2 Introduction

Page 3 Section 1 – How food safety management procedures ensure compliance with current legislation and codes of practice.

Page 4 Defences

Page 5 Section 2 – An Explanation of how I as a manager of Blooms café, can establish, monitor and verify food safety management procedures.
HACCP preliminary tasks

Page 7 HACCP decision tree (Ladder)

Page 8 Monitoring and verifying the procedures

Page 10 Section 3 -A critical analysis of an incident when a food safety management procedure failed – including details of the corrective actions taken and an explanation of how these were ...view middle of the document...

HACCP should cover all controls including personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, maintenance schedules, pest control and waste control.

Above all these procedures that we have in place we as caterers know that the most import thing is “Healthy Customers are Happy Customers!”
Section 1 – How food safety management procedures ensure compliance with current legislation and codes of practice.

In January 2006 the law with regard to food safety was changed and the Food Safety (General food hygiene) regulations 1995 and the food Safety (Temperature Control) regulation 1995 were replaced by The food Hygiene (England) regulations 2006 (equivalent regulations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) of which the most important regulation, Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs were introduced.

The basic term “Food hygiene” in my understanding of it is thus, a controlled procedure to ensure high standards of food safety and quality, trained and competent staff with continual refreshers on the policy, comprehensive due diligence showing temperature records and cleaning schedules all available for inspection.

Along with the Food Safety Management Policy we can expect visits from inspectors these are unannounced and it is against the law to refuse access to them. Along with inspecting your premises they will also inspect the due diligence sheets ensuring that they are fully completed and accurate. Should an inspector find problems on premises they have the power within the new regulations to issue the premises with improvement notices or in fact close the business until such time as to correct the offence that was made.

Along with the unannounced checks, we at Blooms also consult the FSA (Food Standards Agency) website and industry guides to ensure that we are always up to speed with the ever changing policy.


If a court finds someone guilty of an offence under the regulations, it can impose:
• A fine up to £5000 on a summary conviction (magistrates’ or sheriff court)
• An unlimited fine or imprisonment for up to two years for convictions on indictment (by a higher court, such as crown court).

In addition, the offence of obstructing an officer or giving false or misleading information is punishable by a £5000 fine and or three months imprisonment.


Regulation 10 & 11 of the new law states that there are only two main defences:
1. That the offence was the fault of another person.
2. Due Diligence

To prove that due diligence is in place we must demonstrate that every possible reasonable step has been made to achieve food safety and that we have record to support it. Our HACCP principles, staff training records, temperature checklists, cleaning schedules, supplier’s specifications, traceability systems, pest control measures and proof of remedial action where food safety problems have arisen.

As well as maintaining high standards in line with the regulations...

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