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Cib Summary Essay

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Principle8: Business should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
Recommendation 1: Establish an organization to exchange technology, support and oversee each other about environmental issue
Lessons we have learned:
* Google (carbon dioxide emissions)
* Starbucks (water waste)
* Kraft (exploit legal loopholes to avoid environmental responsibilities and disclosure of environment information in some developed countries)
* Monsanto (In 2013, a massive March against Monsanto for the transgenic organisms and damage to the environment around the world)
Operation of the organization:
* Share the newest technology ...view middle of the document...

* Share and discuss the environmental technologies can promote the development of new technologies.
* Win-win situation for shareholders from different companies.
* There will be a better living environment for host communities.
Recommendation 1: Challenges
* Lack of experience on establish and operate the organization.

Principle 10: Business should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.
Recommendation 2: Strengthen the internal control
How corruption occurs:
* Purchasing specialist & Suppliers
Specialist accepts briberies from the suppliers.
* Company & the Government
During Vietnam War, Monsanto bribery the local government to cover the truth the Agent Orange does harm to human
3 Steps to carry out the internal control:
* Before corruption: Incentive mechanism
Higher executive compensation compared with the general standard.
* During corruption: Informant
Hard to control, so we focus less.
* After corruption: Punishment mechanism
Dismissal: People who bribe or accept bribes.
Internal good faith file.
Recommendation 2: Benefits
* High salaries can prevent corruption because of pressure on finance and motivate employees, attract talents.
* Punish severely increases the risk and the psychological burden of corruption.
Recommendation 2: Challenges
* Salaries resulting financial pressures. Report led to suspicion between employees, vicious competition

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