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Christopher Columbus Essay

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"Christopher Columbus"
Christopher Columbus, originated from Genoa until he moved to Spain. He was the man, who was known to 'discover' America, but now most of us know he didn't. Most of us know that he found various islands and thought that he landed in Asia. Columbus was known to give the first Native Americans their nicknames which were Indians. He traveled the world seeking goods, introducing religion, and making Europe, Asia, and Africa connect with each. But most say that we should not worship his achievements because he was cruel to the Native American during his journey. Although most people defend the Native American, Columbus should still be celebrated for his achievement and ...view middle of the document...

However, there were some that didn't agree. Most argued that because Columbus set sail on his voyage many died because of diseases. Yes, many died of diseases, but during this time diseases were being spread out across the world, every time a European set sail on a ship. It wasn't only Christopher Columbus(but I do agree with some of their points).
In the same website, but with different people they were was a voting of whether Columbus should be or should not be celebrated. The outcome of the voting was most people didn't think we should celebrate the same reasons as the other debate as I stated. That he killed Native Americans, he brought diseases, he was cruel, etc...
In an article by Warren H. Caroll, he states that we should honor Christopher Columbus's achievement. He states this:
Columbus was a flawed hero---as all men are flawed, including heroes---and his flaws are of a kind particularly offensive to today's culture. But he was nevertheless a hero, achieving in an unequaled in the history of exploration and the sea, changing history forever.
He was a flawed hero, like many of those we idolize whether is fictional or nonfictional, they made mistakes of their own. Before we told ourselves that a certain thing or person was our idol, we, of course, knew that they made a mistake first and fixed it. Unfortunately, Columbus already made his mistakes but paid for it at the end, but most people idolize him as a hero for what we have today.
Speaking of today, I interviewed four of my classmates, asking them if we should celebrate Columbus's achievement. Two of them (females) replied no...

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