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Christology Essay

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Theology 201-D17
As you are going home from work, two well-dressed gentlemen accost you, handing you some literature explaining what they believe. You glance over it and are drawn to this sentence: "Jesus was a man and as such could not also be God." Seeing the puzzled look on your face, one of the men asks you what you think of this claim. For two gentlemen to come and show me such a paper with their thoughts on it is in a way sad. The men do not have the proper knowledge of the Lord that they need. I believe that it is my goal to express my relationship and knowledge in which they can absorb into their knowledge.
The biblical basis for Jesus’ humanity is indicated in his ...view middle of the document...

God is a very loving and forgiving God. To enter his kingdom we have to know his Word and worship him. God loved humanity enough to send his own son, our Lord and Savior, to earth to give us a message and guideline on how to live life. The dangers in over emphasizing or denying the deity or humanity of Christ are that it will lead to sin. If one does not fully believe and love Christ, than they will not full trust in Christ and live life by the Word. Living a life full of sin is not the way to live life and disobeys the Word of God. This can be dangerous to an individual because it can lead them down the wrong path in life and away from the Kingdom of the Lord. Common objections of Christology are the people created arguments against Jesus’ Wisdom. I respond to this with confusion because if it were me, I would be very interested in someone who expressed great wisdom and I would want to have a better understanding of their teachings. The next argument brought upon Christology is Jesus being the Son of God. I can understand that people have questions and have a hard to believing that one individual is such an important and powerful figure right here on earth. I...

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