Christmas Reflections Essay

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I was traveling through my old neighborhood, the last Christmas season and, as I sat on the old street where I had grown up, memories began to flood my mind.Now I do realize Holidays were probably the same as anywhere else. However, in this corner of the Universe, they were very special, magical, and romantic.My Family lived just moments from our favorite hill for sled riding. I remember that smell of hot cocoa from the vendor, the sounds of Christmas carols playing on the old 45's. Our favorite slope (we were lucky to have three) was the one leading down to the creek and if you did not turn fast, enough you could be an instant Popsicle.There was a skating rink in the park and, I remember my parents would hold hands while skating to the sounds of the carolers singing in the stands.During Christmas break, the streets were filled with children playing with their snow throwers. These devices, a long plastic tube, about 2 ft long with a fluted ...view middle of the document...

Christmas Eve was such a long day during those times. We were in such a hurry for the next day to arrive. I used to sit and look out the dinning room window as the evening passed by. Oh, the anticipation of opening gifts the next morning was nerve racking but it had a magical tone to it as well.At last, it was Christmas morning! (6 o'clock a.m. to be exact) Who wanted to wait any longer? It was time to tear into the beautifully wrapped gifts to see what was under that paper.Finally, all of the gifts were unwrapped and the anticipation was over. It was now time to call friends and see what they had received. This still brings a smile to my face and water to my eyes.Then, after Christmas service, it was time for the family dinner. This was for me the romantic side of the Holiday. The laughs and conversation, of past Holidays. I can remember the smells of cinnamon and ginger. I can still smell the fresh fudge, my Mother had made in the kitchen that afternoon. Then there was our neighbor whom we called Uncle Charlie. Announcing loudly out his window, in that baritone voice, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to my friends in the neighborhood!" Father would just shake his head and say, that man is filled with Christmas sprit to the brim.I remember all of this as I sat in my car in that old neighborhood and wondered, where did this magic go? I no longer see the homes decorated with lights. I no longer see the trees decorated or, the little old women running to the bakery for that last minute Holiday pastry or bread.What I do see are homes that are run down and crumbling. I hear neighbors yelling to turn their music down. I see children walking the streets with sad faces and using words, I would not say at that age. The sound of Christmas carols has been replace with sirens from emergency vehicles. The headlines in the local paper no longer have the listings for church services or, times for carolers to meet. It reads; Mother of four slain, at the bank drive-thru.I think to myself, Jesus, will these people ever be able to experience that feeling of Christmas magic. Will I ever feel it again?

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