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Christians Reponsiblity Over The Environment Essay

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ENGL 101

God’s involvement in creations is shown in all aspects of the creation in the Bible. With each aspect of creation, God expressed pleasure in what He created. God’s pleasure in his creation reveals the need for Christians to care for the environment. God shows man’s mandate given by God for creation in Genesis 2: 19-20. Since God gave the mandate to rule over the earth, man is also responsible for the environment. Global warming has affected the planet which is and has caused a climate change on earth. Natural disasters have increased due to the climate change. Christian’s responsibility for creation is to restore its ...view middle of the document...

God also created woman on the sixth day. With each aspect of creation, God expressed pleasure in all that He created. In the Bible, God after each day expressed that was good in His sight. God created man in His image and making man a representative over God’s creations shows us His pleasure over His creation. In Genesis 1:31 says, “God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” In this verse, the Bible shows God looking back on creation and again expressed His pleasure over creation. God’s pleasure in His creation reveals the need for Christians to care for the environment. God made man in God’s image and Christians should view the environment as God sees it. God gave man the responsibility over the earth which includes the environment.
God’s mandate given to man was a command. God gave the mandate to rule over the earth; which means, man is also responsible for the environment. Adam names every animal of creation and cared for the animals, which is shown in Genesis 2. God also commanded Adam to take care of the garden which shows that man should be involved on taking care of the agriculture of the earth according to Genesis 2:15. Global warming has been a big concern to people that want to take care of the environment. With oil, coal, and natural gas being used today, it is causing a climate change and making the earth warmer. The EPA says, “However, the buildup of greenhouse gases can change the Earth's climate resulting in dangerous effects to human health and welfare and to ecosystems.”Cutting down of forest has a major part in global warming. Forest plants reduce carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during photosynthesis which helps keeps the earth at a normal temperature. Climate change will affect all aspects of life on earth. Without proper living environments for animals, animals will not be able to survive. Climate change will increase the droughts on earth which will also create food shortages. Natural disasters will increase due to the higher temperatures. Tornados and hurricanes are getting stronger over the years due to the increase of heat in the atmosphere. Through the increase of global warming, man needs to find ways to reduce the progression of global warming and even try to restore creation.
Christians have a responsibility for restoring creation because God has called man to look out for His creation. Man can restore landscape and agriculture with soil, trees, plants, and water. First, Soil can be restored through proper mineral and nutrition within the soil by planting plants which can regenerate the soil over time. Secondly, by restoring trees and forestry will help the ecosystem. Michael Pilarski writes, “The forests are the world's humidifiers, lungs, oxygen producers, soil producers, biomass producers and carbon cyclers.”Trees and forest will be able to restore creation and preserve life on earth. Thirdly, plants are a big part in the ecosystem...

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