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Christianity Changes And Continuities Essay

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The Byzantine Empire and western Europe were highly impacted by Christianity. Christianity's wealth and power allowed the churches to control much of the lands and maintain order in society. Christianity between 500-1300 C.E. maintained some cultural aspects and transformations in which society evolved; for example Christianity was still being spread throughout Europe, where as the new development of schools and universities emphasized the importance of education, and the crusades campaign to regain back holy land differed.

The use of conquests and expansion is the everlasting factor to the spread of Christianity. Conquests and reconquest called for conversions of new citizens. However, some people resisted converting because they held tightly onto their inherited traditions. Christianity ensured that they would have a place in society, so they converted. One main successor of Christianity ...view middle of the document...

One form of intellectuality was the monasteries. They provided rudimentary level schools, libraries, and other social services. Monasteries served as a source of literature, educated, and talented individuals that were crucial to the organization of government. Increased demands of educated individuals who could deal with political, and theological issues made a call for more resources. Cathedral schools taught by bishops and archbishops also became a source of education. Teachings were based on Latin, liberal arts, literature, and philosophy. The students often read and studied the Bible and works of Plato and Aristotle. Educated people became useful to government and political aspects.

In addition transformations were arising because of political and religious happenings, Pope Urban II called for crusades in which Christian knights seize the holy land promising, salvation for those who fell during the campaign. Not only to regain back the religious centers of Palestine and Jerusalem, but to also because the military were bored and caused a lot of fights with each other. Its ironic because Christians are peaceful yet the crusades were bad and violent. The crusades were a disaster where participants fought not only with the Greeks and Turks but also within themselves. Though it failed as military ventures, crusades were important for their social, economic, and cultural consequences. European scholars and missionaries dealt with Muslim theologians and philosophers. Europeans also began to trade regularly with Muslims. This resulted in Muslim influence of exchange ideas, technology, and trade goods.

Christianity and it's spread allowed the religion to become powerful and wealthy. That explains why the church was over the kings and ruled most of the land. As the demand of education increased so did forms of schools and universities. The educated individuals were needed upon political issues. During the crusades they inherited many ideas from the Muslims where it encouraged the reintegration of western Europe's economy. Christianity was highly influential to the Byzantine Empire and western Europe.

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