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Christianity And Its Relationship With The Environment

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Christianity and Its Relationship with the Environment

McFague (2000) defines the term environment as the surroundings or conditions in which a human being, an animal or plants lives and operates within. In the context of theology advanced by Christians, the environment refers to the world that God created and humans are part and parcel of that creation. Modern and old works on Christianity, which includes the Bible, have advanced several thoughts regarding the environment and man. These thoughts can be classified into four categories, which include historical, modern, philosophical and theological perspectives about man and environment. In this context, this paper seeks to explore the ...view middle of the document...

The rationale around this particular phrase can be perceived as challenging Christians to rediscover the interrelatedness, as well as, the wholeness of the creation by God, in addition to, the need for the most appropriate action necessary to renew and nourish it. More often, the word “Shalom” which is a Hebrew word referring to Peace, is used to describe this wholeness which, according to Sheldon (1989), will only take place when all creation works together just as it was the intention of God.
Further perspectives can be derived from the book of Genesis where the story of Noah is advanced. As such, it is indicated that God promised that the earth would never be destroyed by flood again after the incidence. For this agreement, God gave the rainbow as the sign. Therefore, Christians have a belief that they have a responsibility to uphold their side of the agreement with God. In addition to this, in a constant manner, the Bible returns to this particular covenant that God made with man. Besides Genesis, the covenant is readdressed in the books of Exodus, Deuteronomy, Kings, Joshua, Ezekiel and Jeremiah.
The Christianity domain believes that God, whom they refer to as the “Father”, sent his “Son” Jesus to bring this particular covenant to its materiality. Jesus performed an array of miracles and Christians perceive them as portraying the dawn of the new age. The leadership depicted by Jesus is one of service. More significantly, however, owing to the fact that Jesus died and through his resurrection, Christians tend to understand that God’s creation is united in Jesus Christ and everything, including humanity, has a future. Some few Christians also believe that when humans tend to surround themselves with a great deal of possessions; it is a matter of denying the reality of death in an attempt to find immortality. With humans being inclined to doing this, they are destroying the gift of creation given by God. According to Sheldon (1989), it is only though trusting in God for life that humans can recognize the hope of new heaven, as well as, a new Earth where suffering will be something of the past.
Despite the sufficiently-publicized claims to the converse, Christianity is known to uphold the independent value of natural creatures. In addition to this, Christianity is much committed to an ethic of responsible care and the stewardships of the entire natural world. Christianity indicates that such values have been enshrined in the Old Testament and presupposed by Jesus Christ. The same values are assumed by the New Testament all through. Christianity perceives that these values were and they are still being forgotten or becoming distorted. This, however, was prevalent in the medieval and early modern times.
Despite being forgotten and being...

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