Christianity And Abortion Essay

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Christianity and Abortion

The Christian belief in the sanctity of life is based on the teachings

of famous Christians and on what they read in the bible, the teachings

of Jesus. A quote from the bible which seems to support the view that

abortion is wrong is from Psalm 139:13, verses 15-16,


“You created every part of me;

You put me together in my mother’s womb…

When my bones were being formed,

Carefully put me together in my mother’s womb.

When I was growing there in secret,

You knew that I was there –

You saw me before I was born.

The days allotted to me

Had all been recorded in your book,

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This would be fundamentally wrong and would

not have any justification, in performing an abortion, a doctor may

unwittingly be ending the life of a famous prophet before it has even

begun; something which anyone would have to agree is not a good thing.


The Catholic Church holds the view that abortion is wrong. They

believe that to justify the killing of an unborn child one would also

have to justify the killing of any human being given the same set of

circumstances. A foetus has as much right to live as anyone else.


There are many Christians who would disagree with this view, they would

say that the unborn child has the right to live, and that it is preferable

that they be allowed to do so. They would not, however, see this right

as being all important. They believe that there are circumstances in

which terminating an unborn foetus is justified. This is demonstrated

by the official stance of the Church of England, from their Board of

Social Responsibility Report 1984,


Although the foetus is to be specially respected and protected,

nonetheless, the life of the foetus is not absolutely sacrosanct if it

endangers the life of the mother”


This view, that the life of the mother is more important than that of

the unborn child is contested by the anti abortionists using many of

the arguments given above. The foetus is a human being and so to have

an abortion simply to save the mother’s life would be to make a decision

to kill one person for the sake of another. This is the sort of decision

that only God can make.


The people who agreed with abortion in certain circumstances would argue

against the view that the foetus is as much a life as the mother. Most

arguing that the foetus can only be considered a life after the ‘turning’,

the time when it would be able to survive without its mother. This is a

very strong argument, before the turning, there is no way that the child

can be considered as a life in its own right, it is totally dependent on

its mother for even the most basic of needs such as oxygen and food. It

has no way to get these things for itself so the argument is...

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