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Christianity Essay

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One of the largest religions in the world is Islam, with more than one and a half billion followers nationwide which is rapidly growing today. Islam and Christianity appear to be very different, but core beliefs behind them are very similar. Most of Islam’s population came from the Middle East, but there are still large amount of Muslims throughout the United States (Nation Master, 2010). Islam has grown significantly in the past twenty years within the United States. They both, belief in one God and that both religions result from the direct descendent of Abraham, a quality that is also shared with Judaism. The doctrinal beliefs of each religion are each different.
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This is another belief that is held by both Muslims, they both believe that angels or archangels are important in which they play a key role in the history of their respective religions. There are four archangels that are important in Islam the first is Gabriel, a messenger sent by God to reveal the truths of Islam to Muhammad. Kiraaman and Katibeen were assigned by God to record all the actions of human beings, and finally the Angel of Death the one who takes the soul from the body with him to heaven. The third article of faith is the scriptures which Muslims use; which are the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospels, and the Koran. Christianity uses the first three of the four scriptures listed within the Bible, but does not use the Koran. Therefor they do not recognize Muhammad as the prophet the Islam regards him as. The fourth article of faith for Islam is the nondiscriminatory belief in all the prophets from Adam being the first to Muhammad being the last. Muslims believe that Jesus was an important prophet, but not as the son of God like the Christians do. This is what separates there religions, because Christianity belief that Jesus is the son of God. The fifth belief held by all Muslims in the atonement in which all human beings will be judged and held accountable for their actions at the end of the world . The sixth is the divine creed of Islam1 which states the key beliefs of their religion, being that there is one true God, Allah, and that Muhammad is his prophet.
As stated earlier one of the main differences between Islam and Christianity comes from the role that Jesus plays in both religion. Both Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus was born of Mary, but Christians hold the belief that makes him the Son of God, Muslims choose to believe the event was by God’s will but they still only regard him as a prophet. Another discrepancy comes when Jesus was able to act out his miracles throughout the Bible. Christians believe in the Trinity, or of God being comprised of three distinct persons. They have three persons being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. While they all act independently at times they are still one God. Christians believe that Jesus was able to use his Godly powers to perform miracles while in human form. Because Muslims do not believe that Jesus was God they think that he was able to perform these miracles through the god’s permission. Another major discrepancy within is the manner in which he died and rose to heaven. It is agreed by all Christians throughout the world that Jesus was imprisoned and crucified and those three days after his death he was ascended into heaven. Muslims believe that Jesus was never tried and crucified but ascended into heaven alive and will remain there until he returns Judgment day. This present a major problem for Christians because they believed that Jesus was the Messiah and Son of God, and it was only though his crucifixion that our sins could be forgiven and the road to heaven was...

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