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Christian Worldviews According To Paul Essay

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Christian Worldviews According to Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Paul’s letter to the Romans is one rich in content that deals directly with sin, grace, salvation, baptism, the Holy Ghost, faith, and tolerance. Because of its range, it has been referred to as an occasional rather than systematic theology. (Moo 2000) Paul’s letter is purely theological in its entirety, but the content of this one letter is not the entirety of Christianity in itself. With the main idea of Romans being debatable, many agree on the emphasis of justification by faith. Paul’s letters contain a system of truth that enables the believer to understand and grow in the reality of what Jesus has done ...view middle of the document...

Worldview Regarding Sin in Romans
Sin has its effects in the lives of men and women. What I mean by effect is that which directly follows or occurs by reason of a cause. Romans indicates that a number of things have come about due to sin. Enslavement, condemnation, unrighteousness are all things that come with sin. A sinner is one who sins. Paul wrote that “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous” (5:19). Sin is not just something that a person does. Sin is a nature that gets hold of people, controls their lives, and destroys them (Hankins 2010). Sin breaks fellowship with God and produces death. In his work on the cross Christ sets people free from sin and lays the foundation for their new life (Moo 2000).
Worldview Regarding Salvation in Romans
Romans presents salvation in terms of God’s intention to bring healing to a broken world. It’s a gift of a personal God who desires to free mankind from its bondage to sin and death. The salvation offered in Christ through faith (3:21-4:25) is also profoundly individualistic: Each person must accept the gift for himself or herself (Moo 2000). He “was born of a descendant of David according to the flesh,” and “was declared to be the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead, by the Spirit of holiness” (1:3-4). Regardless, the portrait of Christ in the letter to Rome is consistent with the Christology found in the rest of the New Testament. He is the Son of God who became a man and was crucified and resurrected, to save those who believe (3:24-26; 4:24-25; 5:15-21; 8:2). Paul argues no one will be saved by law since “the sinful condition of all people renders it impossible to obey” (Moo 2000). Rather than imitate the ideals and beliefs of the world, believers are to be increasingly conformed to the image of Christ, aided by the transformation of their minds and the continual sanctification of God’s Holy Spirit (8:5-8, 12-14, 29). The instructions God gives Christians in the New Testament are guidelines which both inform and correct our understanding of life in the Spirit (Moo 2000).
Worldview Regarding Eschatology and Ethics in Romans
Both eschatology and ethics are vital issues in Paul’s epistle to the Romans, which are evidenced by their mention in this letter. Paul urges us to live a certain way and recognize the period of time in which we live (Moo 2000). Paul includes a eschatological viewpoint while discussing conduct and dealing with one another, challenging the Roman Christians to more sanctification in view of the coming day (13:11-14).The view that Christians should hold to is that of faith displayed by obedience resting on the comfort that Jesus will return and God will solidify ultimate victory over the devil, sin, and death (16:20). Faith in this promise girds believers with strength through trials and tribulations knowing that “all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those...

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