Christian Worldview On Economics Essay

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Charné Quirina Potgieter 14 August 2013
A worldview can be compared to a lens which alters the way we view life and how we perceive the world we live in. Worldviews consists of six components in order to make it more understanding and easier for people to relate to. I will be using these components to discuss my perception of the world and what my understanding and seeing of the world is.
First component to be discussed is existential belief – God, All humans are a creation of God, and we are taught that he has made us and sculpted us into perfectly functioning human beings. Christianity consists out of both material and spiritual believes and believe not only God but also Jesus and the Holy Spirit. ...view middle of the document...

We are also taught about right and wrongs in life, an example of this would be not to steal or kill because it isn’t right. Another norm is that we should be loving and caring to our fellow ‘brother and sister” and to treat them as if they are your own. The third component is humanity Christians believe that every person is a unique creation of God and that no one is the same, therefore we strive to be individuals and try to express ourselves in order to stand out from the rest, some people do this the way they dress or by marking themselves with tattoos. Humanity has become very materialistic and money orientated over the last 100 years. Next component is society, all human beings are social creatures and constantly need feel loved and wanted us are unable to function alone and feel safer when we are surrounded with other people. We value our family members and friends. Sadly the society is greatly influenced through the government and politics plays a big role in our lives and effects how people interact with each other. We are taught that God created all living things known as nature, I feel that humans have no respect for it and that it isn’t being appreciated like it should be, without nature there will be no life on earth and that the only reason that our natural resources are being protected. The last component to be discussed is time and history, Christians wait for the day that their God comes back to collect his children and tries to live their daily lives preparing for this day. The past, present and future is very important to us. There are many people who are still greatly affected by the past and struggle to let go, others are so busy living their lives that they forget to make time to simply enjoy the simple things in life.

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