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Christian World View From The Book Of Romans

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In the beginning God created the universe and in it he formed the earth he made the moon and the stars
And separated the land from the seas he made the trees and the plants and the animals but on the sixth day
God created man from the dust of the ground in his own image and called him Adam.
God made Adam care taker Over all that he created He placed man in the Garden of Eden and told him he
Could eat from every plant except from the Tree of Good and Evil. God felt that man needed a
Companion so God put Adam to sleep and took out one of his Ribs and formed a woman and called her
God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden so they could take care of it, and bare children.
One day Eve came across the serpent and he tricked Eve into eating from the tree of good and evil.
Then Eve caused Adam to eat from the tree when God discovered this he cursed them including the
Serpent he cursed the serpent to crawl on his ...view middle of the document...

After God put them out of the garden of Eden Adam and Eve Had two sons, first Cain and then

Able. Here we have the signs of jealousy and the first Murder. Cain was jealous of his

Brother Able, because able gave God a better Offering then he did, so Cain killed able

Nobody had to teach these things to us as humans they were natural, by nature we
Sin no matter how good we want to be we are sinners by nature and at that time the punishment for sin
Was death and man could not save himself. We move on to Noah we see that the
People were so bad and corrupt that God had plans to destroy the people, but God found a righteous Man
In Noah and Noah found favor with God and God commanded Noah to build an ark and gather his family
Together and at least two of every living animal on earth and go in the Ark, then caused a great flood and
God destroyed the Earth Of all humans, plants and Animals. Noah and his family were responsible
For replenishing the Earth of all life forms after Noah’s family replenished the Earth there were
Many descendents, at this time people all spoke the same language and as the people moved around the
They decided to build great cities and a tower to the sky, from that point on God scattered the people the
People and gave them different languages this would be where my world view come in. God gives
Us a little knowledge and free will and we as humans start doing everything except what God has
Commanded us to do, people start building their own kingdoms and passing laws that are contrary to what
The Bible teaches we begin to think we know more than God and because we are sinners by nature
We often do the wrong things and passed bad laws. From all of this we see how much God loves his
People so much more than we could ever deserve. I think these first chapters of the bible set up the order
Of civilization and from the very beginning of the book of genesis, God is making plans to send a savior
To save us the people from our sins because each case shows us how with God in control life quickly gets
out of control and everything that we are today starts from chapter 1-11 of genesis.

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