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Christian Teachings About Treating People Less Fortunate Than Themselves

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Christian Teachings About Treating People Less Fortunate Than Themselves

The world is divided into two sections, these are both given names.
One is the Rich North; the people who live in this area have a good
standard of living and a prosperous life. The other is the Poor South;
the people who live here do not have a very good standard of living,
they suffer greatly due to lack of vital resources needed to stay
alive. Why is this though? Well there is more than one reason that the
Poor South became a place of poverty and low standards of living and
that the Rich North did not follow the same patter, instead became the
opposite. One of the main causes of ...view middle of the document...

The report was very important as it was the first to
look at the causes of poverty; it set out the things that needed to
deal with the problem and highlighted the seriousness of the problem.
“Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to
fish and you will feed him for life” is basically saying that giving
the fish to the person is the short term answer; although helping him
for one day the next day he will be without, but the long term answer
to helping the starving man is to teach him how to fish and then he
will be able to feed himself forever. The Brandt report would be a
good reference to Christians wanting to help the Poor South and try
and do something about the poverty there, they could look to see what
was wrong and how they themselves could make a difference. The less
fortunate is known to be the Poor south and used to be called the 3rd
world. People living in the Poor South only have a life expectancy an
average of 40 years old, compared to the life expectancy in the Rich
North which is an average of 82 years old, double the expectancy for
the Poor South. In the Bible Christians are taught a lot about how to
help the less fortunate and not to be greedy, all believers are told
to treat people in the Poor South like they would...

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