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Christian Doctrine Or Christian Unity Essay

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|Doctrine in the Bible |
| |
|Christian Doctrine or Christian Unity? |
|There seems to be a great deal of controversy about “doctrine”. To those outside the Church the mere mention of the word |
|conjures up visions that range from “outdate historical notions” to “things that Christians fight over”. It does not fair much |
|better inside many churches. Today the ...view middle of the document...

|Forth, the focus of Jesus in the New Testament was love and unity. Jesus prayed that his disciples would all be in unity. Paul |
|said the greatest of all things was love. These things bring harmony into the church. |
|Fifth, therefore we must focus on these two things above all else, love and unity. |
|There are an astounding number of Christians that accept this line of argument and ones similar to it. They have subsequently |
|stopped studying and teaching many biblically based Christian doctrines. This is the first step toward an individual, group, or|
|denomination making the study of the Word of God less important. This soon gives way to the opinion that the Bible’s teaching on|
|issues becomes optional and then in many cases not even necessary. The final phase of this disastrous practice is the for Bible|
|to be set aside and man’s opinion to become the foundation for the “doctrine of the church.”  |
|  |
|The following is a brief point-by-point response to the above claims: |
|First, while it is necessary for the church to open to all and make efforts to reach all and to show the love of God, it is not |
|the key business of the church to focus on “political correctness” but on the Great Commission. Love was but one of many things |
|Jesus taught, but He also taught about the disharmony that His message would bring. One of the main dangers that the Bible warns|
|most about in the church is not being politically correct. It was false teachers. |
|Second, the notion that anything that causes disharmony in the church is to be avoided because this is what Jesus wants is a |
|point taken out of context. We do not avoid controversy for the sake of unity. This would force the church to remain silent on |
|nearly every mission front, neutralize revival efforts and many attempts to win the lost. This would be exactly what the Enemy |
|would want. |
|Third, doctrine can be divisive. In what circumstances can it be divisive? There is not time or room to go into great detail on |
|all of the reasons that doctrine could be divisive. The following are a few of the more common reasons that are true in most |
|situations. Take note of the following: |
|a.   A Biblically illiterate congregation, group or individual can lead to doctrinal problems in a church. |
|b.   A poorly trained pastor or teacher who does not have a good...

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