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Chosen Bless Essay

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In the nineteenth century, Cuba was Spain’s most prosperous island but the Cubans were rebellious and were agitating for independence.
1840-1850 Between 1840 and 1850 the U.S. made four separate attempts to purchase Cuba, in keeping with the principle of the Monroe Doctrine. Not only did Spain refuse to sell but neither Britain nor France was willing to see Cuba fall into American hands.
Within Cuba itself there were several popular liberal nationalist movements led by such men as Manuel de Cespedes, Estrada Palma and Maximo Gomez, and supported by the Cuban exiles Jose Marti and Narciso Lopez. Many thousands of Cubans died in rebellions, demanding an end to slavery, fewer taxes and a ...view middle of the document...

This authorized the U.S. government to keep an eye on the financial management of the Cuban government with right to interview as America saw fit. The spirit of this amendment was in keeping with a) U.S. policy as stated by the Monroe Doctrine, i.e. keeping out European influence; b) American conception of ‘good government’ in the Western Hemisphere, meaning whatever best suited U.S. interests and guaranteed safety to U.S. property and investments.
1902 Thus the independent Cuban Republic came into being in 1902 but from the very start it was under U.S. control.
1904 The Roosevelt Corollary Monroe to the Monroe Doctrine gave added meaning to the Platt Amendment, for it claimed for the U.S. ‘an international police power’ to intervene in any country where “wrong doing or impotence” threatened peace and stability. A series of interventions in Cuba followed as ‘preventive policy’ to ensure that Cuba followed the American line.
1906 The first intervention came, when amidst charges of corruption, Palma was re-elected. A revolt against him could not be quelled by mediation. Palma in fact hoped for outright U.S intervention under the Platt Amendment to keep him in power. U.S. troops were landed. Palma was found to be unpopular. An attempt was made at a compromise between Palma and the rebels. Palma refused to cooperate although the...

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