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In the workplace there will be times when conflicts arises between employees and sometimes it may involve management or management can be completely clueless to the intension stirring within their department. Not only is it within the job description of management to resolve workplace conflicts but also the employees involved. To help resolve conflict it is important for everyone to acknowledge the issues, use active listening, analyzing the issues and dealing with minor disagreements prior to them becoming major problems.
To ensure sufficient discussion of contentious issues in the workplace you have to make sure you acknowledge the conflict and not ignore it. By ...view middle of the document...

By compromising each side would give a little and take a little. By arranging a compromise instead of just selecting one member’s interest over the other you can reduce the likelihood that one staff members feel slighted by the way in which the conflict was resolved.
The preparation for a successful negotiation would depend on the scale of the disagreement. For larger major disagreements you would need to strengthen your position and plan accordingly. You would need to consider the goals, trades, alternatives, relationships, expected outcomes, the consequences, powers and possible solutions. Once you have established those points you must then ensure that both parties have a positive feeling about the negotiation is over. In an ideal situation, you will find that the other person wants what you are prepared to trade and that you are prepared to give what the other person wants. (Jackson, 2015)
During the planning of my mother in law’s 50th birthday party, everyone had their own ideas about who to invite, the menu and the theme of the party. Since I was the new person in the family I did not speak up or protest any ideas. I attempted to suggest a few ideas but they were overshadowed by the louder family member’s ideas. Since my ideas were not being heard I decided to just assist with gift instead. I picked out a red wine glass that she picked out a few months ago monogramed in her favorite color.
The day of the party I was told just to show up with the gift and everything else would be taken care of. When I arrived I noticed none of her friends or coworkers were invited and the only items on the menu were grilled meats and baked beans. Everyone seems to be having a good time but my mother in law did not look happy. After the party she told me wished the party was more about her and had her friends there to celebrate with her. She stated she was happy and loved the gift but wished everything was more thought out and I was more involved.
During the initial planning of the party I should of spoke up and pushed for my ideas...

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