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Choosing A Successor Case For Chapter 1 And 2

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Week 1 Case Study

1. Candidate 1
a. Strengths –
1. Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration
2. 3 years on the job
3. Increased reimbursements
4. Well with technology with innovation and entrepreneurial
5. Directive management style
6. Goal oriented
b. Weakness
1. Pompous and opinionated
2. Feels no one know as much about technology like she does
3. Pushes employee to hard
Candidate 2
1. Strengths –
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration
2. Master’s in Business administration
3. 5 years on the job
4. Talented ...view middle of the document...

Well with technology with innovation and entrepreneurial
2. Goal oriented
3. Increased reimbursements
Candidate 2
1. Master’s in Business administration
2. 5 years on the job
3. Negotiator
4. Good with people Wants to lead, direct and manage employees
5. Professional demeanor
6. High integrity
7. Willing to work overtime
Candidate 3
1. Confident and professional
2. Positive and motivated
3. Can oversee large groups of employees
4. Increased reimbursements
5. Good at teaching and training instrumental in the purchases and installation of billing system
6. Liked by the employees
7. Good coaching and praising employees for job well done.
8. Motivates employees
9. Possesses integrity
Weakness –
2. Not comfortable with diversity or different ethnicity
3. Assertive
4. A lot of complaints from patients
3, I think that the ethnicity of the candidate irrelevant, because that would discrimination.
4, The person that should be selected should work well with...

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