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Choice Theory Essay

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The term Choice Theory is based on that human behavior is represented by the individual’s attempt to satisfy his or her needs. There are studies that are being done today on choice theories and yet there is no understanding of why criminals chose to commit a crime. There are many types of crime models like murder, larceny, robbery, burglary, vehicle theft, and fraud. Crimes are classified by the seriousness of the offenses less serious crimes that society today believes to minor are like sneaking into the movies, littering, jaywalking, and speeding.

Everyone has the right to make a choice but many criminals seem to make the wrong choice over and over. There is research being done today ...view middle of the document...

Misdemeanor is the in between model crime like petty theft, and public drunkenness. Infractions are the least serious model of the offenses like motor vehicle violations, jaywalking, and littering.

In Daniel Birks research he wrote about rational choice theory. The definition of rational choice theory is an economic principle that assumes that the individuals always make prudent and logical decision which provides them with the greatest benefit or satisfaction and that are in their highest self-interest. Rational choice theory is when the criminal thinks of different ways and factors of how to commit the crime and thinks about what kind of punishment may happen if caught. Types of punishment can include jail time, death, probation, and fines. For example let use drugs. Drugs are very addictive and many people get addicted to one or more drugs, but let’s look at how they got addicted to the drug it was a very rational decision first by thinking of trying the drug and two by doing the drug. These are rational choices that a drug user has chosen, also a rational choice decision would be the drug user to stop using drugs and looking for help.

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