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Choice House Essay

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Memo – Choice House

To: Joan Tanner and Finance Committee

I have investigated the matters brought to my attention by the Board of Directors Finance Committee and have come to the following conclusions with the information gathered.

1. Were the ED’s salary and benefits in line for EDs with other nonprofits similar to Choice House?

As Choice House belongs to a consortium of nonprofits, I contacted the consortium to gain some clarification on the questions of salary and benefits for the ED. I was informed that the salary of $70k and benefits of $7k were indeed comparable to salaries and benefits of other EDs in the area. I believe we are paying the ED a very reasonable salary ...view middle of the document...

The ED informed me that because the program needs high-quality brochures, leasing the copiers saves on outside printing costs. She requested that a reliable, top-of-the-line copier be leased at the central house for the administrative staff and at the southern house for her use. The copier leases were negotiated and signed by the program director of the southern house, a close friend of the ED.

3. Were the travel and entertainment expenses properly documented? Why were these expenses $6,250 over budget? Who was incurring these expenses?

As for the matter of travel and entertainment expenses I have learned a few pieces of information of which the board should be aware. When reviewing all the expenses there was very little information to explain what each receipt corresponded with, certainly not enough information for the IRS. The ED did say she could give me names only for each trip. When I attempted to confront our ED Beth about not having sufficient information, I was told: “I am your boss. You answer...

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