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Chocolate China Essay

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 Foreword to the report  Currently, Chinas chocolate market, industry competition is lower, less competitive products, development potential. 
 The worlds top 20 heavyweight chocolate companies have all entered China, supermarkets imported or joint venture can be seen as many as more than 70 brands of chocolate, imported chocolate brands continue to join the acceleration of Chinas chocolate market to international competition, the process of evolution .
2006-2007 Chinese chocolate rising trend of food imports was in 2006, China imported chocolate 15,547,134 kilograms in 2007 rose to 17,432,027 kilograms, an increase of 12.12%.
 Export volume is also growing year by year, in 2006 exports ...view middle of the document...

S. dollars in market value of the seemingly huge, in fact only 0.5% of the international market.European Year for more than 7 kg per capita consumption of chocolate, Asia Korea, Japan, an average of 2 kg, the next Chinese chocolate market will have an annual growth rate of 10-15%. 
 Chinas chocolate market has enormous potential for development.
The present report describes in detail Chinas chocolate industry operating environment and forecast of its focus on downstream development of the industry, as well as changes in demand for chocolate, long-term and short-term trends.  View of the current development of the industry faces opportunities and threats, to express our chocolate industry investment and strategy recommendations.  The contents of this report is rigorous and detailed data, intuitive charts to help enterprises accurately grasp the chocolate industry development trend, the correct development of enterprise competition strategy and investment strategy.  Our main data come from National Bureau of Statistics, the National Information Center, General...

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