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Chinese Society Essay

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UGEA Chinese Society
Chin Tse Kai 1155056381
Dr. Hua Guo

Case Study
1. Introduction

Maotanchang High School is a cramming school located in Maotanchang town, Lu An city of Anhui Province in China. Despite the prosperous cities like Shanghai or Guangzhou near the coast, Maotanchang town is in the middle of China, inside foot hills of Anhui. Maotanchang town did not enjoy the economic growth of China’s opening economy, but instead, it specialised in becoming a Gaokao cramming town.

2. What make Maotanchang a cram city?

2.1 Inland Cities’ Inherited ...view middle of the document...

There are no entertainment facilities in town. Only 5000 citizens in Maotanchang enables it to accommodate large amount of students. The inland position serves good to many farming rural families. These characteristics enalbles Maotanchang became a cram city.

3. Why are so many parents and students willing to study there?

3.1 Gaokao as Their Only Chance to Upward Mobility
Modern gaokao is just like the imperial keju test. The only major difference is that succeeding in keju earns test takers a place as public servant, while succeeding in gaokao earns a place in university. But there is one thing the same: the ability to move upward and earn status in the society. For Yang, it earns him a chance to have a office job rather than being a farmer like his father.

3.2 Maotanchang’s Specialization For Rural Students
Thus parents are willing to do their best to get their children a chance to succeed in gaokao. But in inland China cities, where economy is far behind coastal cities, education resources are lacking, there are few “good” education institutions, not to mention private tutors. But Maotanchang, which is a town specialised in cramming, offered the best environment without distraction, the strictest teacher with high demand, and high rate of over line record. Serving as the best choice for rural students, Maotanchang high school no doubly become the first choice for rural parents and students.

4. What social phenomena are reflected in Maotanchang’s stories?

4.1 Economic Inequality Affects Chance of Upward Mobility
With over 10% of average GDP growth rate in recent 10 years, China has been crowned as the next superpower besides the USA. However, most people neglected the inequality and distribution problem in China. Coastal cities’ GDP are significantly higher than inland cities. Rural to urban migrants often are not registered under the household registration system, which creates a social problem. Even gaokao serves as a path for upward mobility, it still discriminated against rural students, whom are already poorer. For example, explicitly, gaokao offers...

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