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Chinese Media And Women Audiences Essay

2169 words - 9 pages


Course Name: Media Criticism

Guiding Teacher: Dr Christopher Howard

Major: journalism of broadcast and TV

Name: Xu Hongyuan (徐虹圆)



Key words································page3

The text of the paper·····················page3~8

Ⅰ、some examples for my criticism ··········page4
Ⅱ、analysis of causes ·························page5
1. the causes from the media workers
2. the causes from the women audiences
Ⅲ、some practical solutions····················page7


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Key words: feminist media criticism, Chinese media industry culture, media workers, women audiences, current development institution, causes, solution, criticism, correcting···

Feminism is always a popular topic in public opinions, so in order to attract the audiences’ eyes, more and more media put more attention on female subjects. They emphasize the women’s performances more in advertisements, televisions, magazines, films and so on.
This phenomenon is also true of China. With the development of science and economy, Chinese media industry is proposing quickly. And following the world’s step, Chinese media also reflect the feminism, the put-forward about feminism in China is later than other developed countries, though. However with the appearance of media industry culture about female subjects in flood, more and more disadvantages in Chinese media operations are found, and many critics united to condemn media workers for lack of professional skills and ethics. What’s more, women audiences are also to blame for keep being the loyal fans to these kinds of innutritious and time-killing programs. To a certain degree, their behaviors in interacting with this media industry culture have facilitating effects on the vicious development of Chinese media industry culture.

Ⅰ、some examples for my criticism
Following are some typical examples as evidences to indicate both the Chinese media workers and the women audiences’ ‘contribution’ to the promotion of such kind of suffer-criticism media phenomena:

1、Chinese famous female weekly publication zhiyin is designed for females specially. It’s popular among females. But its most context is just limited to love and family (form ①), and it seems that Chinese women’s life is just about these two aspects. What surprises us is that such meager publication still ranks forward on the sales volume. Obviously, zhiyin owns the high sales volume to its mass women readers’ support. Does this phenomenon reflect mass Chinese women audiences’ true appeal or just the consequence of Chinese media industry’s misleading guidance?
Form ①:the percentage map of context in the latest issue magazine, zhiyin

2、Recently, a TV play called ‘New Pearl Princess’ is attracting many women audiences’ attention in China. This TV play belongs to the Qiongyao (an old lady who’s famous for writing romantic love novels and drama scrip in China) plays. In fact, such kind of romantic soap operas, including South Korean TV soaps have had broad market in China. The reasons lie in two aspects. One is that the Chinese media industry about females is clinging on to the production at home and introduction from abroad. The other is that large numbers of Chinese women, especially the less-educated housewives are keen on this kind of TV plays. So this kind of media industry culture has huge potential market in China.

3 、With the development of Internet, more and more news and personal opinions are...

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