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Chinese Inventions Essay

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Chinese Inventions

We are a society of the “new and improved” and we don’t consider the things we have come to love and depend on as ancient inventions, but they are. The Chinese are among the world leaders when it comes to inventions. They are responsible for giving us the beginnings of many inventions we still use today. The printed page, for example, was given to us through several Chinese inventions such as paper, ink, and type. Many of these inventions we take for granted like the umbrella, fan, compass, gunpowder, the clock, and cast iron. Of the countless Chinese inventions, I consider following four most important.

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Once the printing was done, the clay blocks were taken off and put away for later use because they could be used over and over again. This would have been more time efficient not to mention cost efficient.

I think the compass falls under my definition of a sleeper invention. It is something that brings little thought to most people and almost always is not on your list of must haves unless you were stranded in the middle of nowhere. The Chinese initially used the compass for religious practices and then navigational purposes. It uses a very simple concept of north, south, east and west. Before the compass, explorers navigated by sight such as shore lines or points of interest. Maps and technology such as Global Positioning Systems is how we have expanded and improved on the invention of the compass.

The primary reason I believe gunpowder is one of the four great inventions of the Chinese is because it changed the course of history and the world. Even though man was fighting wars and killing each other long before gunpowder existed, it made warfare easier and more devastating. There are some positive uses for gunpowder such as breaking up earth and rock for projects like tunnel construction and mining applications. Although it took almost 14 years to complete Mt....

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