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Chinese Food Culture Essay

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When in Rome, do as the Romas Thurs say, an English idiom, it says: Who dwells in a foreign country
should adapt to its environment. Countries do not differ only in language, currency and climate, but
also the customs and traditions are often different.
What we mean by manners and customs?
Habits are behaviors that are common in a country. They are socially demanded and expected.
In contrast to the practices that a habit of an individual, for example, clothing habits, or habits of a
social community within my. To the cultural traditions also include behaviors such as eating habits.

Chinese table manners
The first was said, many Chinese like to smoke and eat. And not just before ...view middle of the document...

What Chinese table manners while eating permit

Chinese like to eat and let it go well like eating. It sees and hears when one is sitting next to. As
Europeans like a so-maches behavior seem strange to strange. However, one should keep in mind that
our European table manners in the land so nothing more than arbitrary gewachsende list of dos and
don'ts. Ultimately, that is all a matter of habit.

Most famous is the fact that the Chinese do not respect eating particularly on the noise. One should not
interfere with a clear lip smacking or slurping like this but it is in China to the food. That does not
mean you understand sheer "slurping" his own word, no more, but only that gelegendliche noise is
nothing to be ashamed of themselves, or that would violate good manners and table manners.

Just as it is allowed to talk with your mouth full or right to smoke while eating (like sometimes
simultaneously). If you want to clean the teeth with a toothpick, then one should keep a hand over her
mouth as a screen, while the other removed the toothpick with the teeth of food particles.

Food and...

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