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Chinese Economic Expansion Essay

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Recent years in all countries the products of China’s industry are commonly used; electronic devices, toys, textile, products are some of them. Until very near future China was not well known by people; although it had an important position in the global economy. For hundreds of years the general policy of China had aimed protecting its culture, so it tried to avoid improving relationships with foreign countries. For centuries China have had pure culture. But after the communist regime in China, there occurred lots of policy change especially in economy. Till 1949, China was trying to feed only its own nation, the productivity is sufficient for itself; afterwards China speed up its ...view middle of the document...

The following five years after repealing the Temporary Provisions there had been a number of political improvements. Some of these were improvements in Constitution , resulting the period of National Mobilization for Suppression of the Communist Rebellion, making back out of all members of the first parliamentary ,assembling the election system for three parliamentary members, regulating the election system to select direct president and vice president. After all these reforms ROC became a democratic country in which “power rests with the people” (p.1,2). After these reforms China has been a more democratic country and consequently has a more appropriate background for further reforms in other areas. One of these areas is culture. There is a close relation between culture and politics. Theng Hui(1995) states that political and economic improvement, are nearly equal , these are being meaningless when distinguished. Although, these terms are related, the importance of each changes from time to time and country to country. For republic of China while economic improvements are influential political reforms are less effective. Political improvements are not only related to economic reforms. Political reform is a huge complicated social plan that have all kinds of forces and is boarded with culture of the society. The level of effect of the society depends on the society. Different cultural heritage leads to different political results. Scientist, usually linked the political development of China to cultural and historical elements and made their estimations depending on these facts. Some scientists claim that China’s getting away the authority was valued by traditions and individualism; additionally human rights are not important in China. Political perspective varies in Chinese society and this leads to different political parties’ being supported by people as a result political development occurred. People have also been more free. So by a “quiet revolution” Republic of China made a “economic miracle” beside a “political miracle”(p1,2).As a result of political and cultural developments Chinese development has been accelerated, but the most effective reason is the economic policy of China. Kan Davies(2000) states the beginning of China’s current economic policy from a speech of Mao Zedong*(1949).According to Zedong they are doing business .They support everything except domestic and foreign unprogressive elements which prevent them from doing business. That should be known that they were the imperialists and the Chiang Kar-shek reactionaries who prevent them from doing business and formalising diplomatic relations with the diplomatic relations with the external forces. They should be able to do business and formalize diplomatic relations with all the exterior countries with respect to parity, reciprocal admire for local unity and dominance(p.1).These decisions have been the economic policy of China and implemented afterwards. The great...

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