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Chinese Corruption Essay

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China experienced a rapid transition during 20th century. Not only China had to experience various invasions in early 20th century from foreign countries but also China started to construct and organize its systems as communism. Such a revolution, however, did not turn out as Mao Zedong aimed and expected due to the fact that the system applied at that moment was rapidly implemented and extremely idealistic for China.
Deng Xiao Ping, who was concerned regarding on the previous unsuccessful results with Mao Zedong’s policy, employed policies that were more essential and practical in order to establish communism. Deng’s policies especially focused on establishing modernized communism that was ...view middle of the document...

Such unordinary phenomena of the Chinese society has been conducted frequently that perceptions for earning money has changed. That is money is now considered almighty to Chinese people as a result of rapidly imposed policy of reformations. Therefore people in China do not hesitate to earn money although it might harm others such as making imitations.
Another conflict due to the opening and reforming policies is the polarization between social classes. As Deng’s government employed the new policies, social classes divided into three social classifications of upper, middle, and low classes. Although various social classifications have been ordinary scene in developed countries, such classified social class in China is found to be extraordinary. Chinese demographic graph indicates that middle class is remarkably inadequate compared to developed countries, which implies that extreme difference exists between upper class and lower class. Such extremely proceeded polarization of social classes made the rich richer and the poor poorer in China that it causes hostilities against the present system of the society.
In addition to the corruption of government officers mentioned above, officers cooperated with newly advanced economical elite group of today and formed a new upper class. They literally dominate routes to open-market economy policies and as well as its economical profits. Therefore it is difficult for middle class to get a chance to move up to upper...

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