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Chinese Ancient Civilisation Essay

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1. Highlight the factors that led to the rise of early Chinese civilization

I. Agriculture: Agriculture led directly to the availability of food surpluses.
II. Pottery: This allowed efficient storage of the surplus produced by agriculture. This means that not only can the surplus be used to feed mouths that are not themselves producing food, but the surplus can be stored to feed everyone at times when crops fail. This allows the population to be more stable and less subject famine cycles. Pottery was practiced in China only after 5000 B.C.
III. Specialization of labor: The advantages of specialization of labor are better defense, better technology, more goods ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps this was a necessary evil considering the threat of barbarian invasion, potential internal rivals and massive rebellions. Confucianism was developed in ancient China, a philosophy stressing virtue, good governance and merit based promotion for government offices. Emperors and officials were to be virtues and effective, models for their subjects. However, even when practicing an enlightened confusion form of government, a virtues example for the people the ancient Chinese dynasties tended to be bureaucratic and very strict.

Ancient Chinese Dynasties
The First Chinese Empire
China was eventually united under one of the regional kings, First emperor Qin Shi Huang in 221 BC. During the Qin Dynasty he founded only lasted for 12 years but the emperor wielded absolute power over all of China. The emperor was despotic, ordering the burning of books to remove all evidence of any earlier dynasties and burying many scholars alive by ceiling them in a room. His tight control of China allowed him to conscript massive labor forces, allowing him to construct tribes they construct ambitious projects like the Great Wall of China. The workers died by the thousands in harsh conditions, but the nomadic thousands of Chinese soldiers in massive bloody battles, the Qin generals using massed levies like pawns . The Qin...

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