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China Vs. English As A Second Language

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Communication is the activity of transmitting information. Lafayette College (2012) estimates that there are about 6,500 living languages in the world, and Mydans, Seth (2007) state that in terms of globalization, business, and technology, English is the most common language worldwide. According to the Graddol, David (2006), an estimate of 2 billion students worldwide were studying English in 2010. English is actually considered the official global language; it is the official language spoken by the world’s dominant economy, the United States, many commonwealth countries, multinational firms, top universities, and the scientific community.

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The ideal global business plan is the one in which products can be manufactured in countries where labor is cheap and sold into markets where people are rich. T China has been offering this service for a while, forcing it to communicate more and more with the outside world. Moreover, the free trading system has expanded the economic relations of China with its trade partners, unbroken by many of trade barriers. Every day, more companies and entrepreneurs are interested to invest in the country. But this growth will be possible only if China educates its population, making them qualified and fluent English speakers, able to assume this evolution. As mentioned by Ginger Software (2011, January 9), in this atmosphere, English language is required in order to join, communicate and compete in the international market.

China is now facing some challenges in technological developments for its industry. It is still uncertain if China will be able to develop a domestic technological proficiency to support its capacity to be competitive in the world’s market. According to Ministry of Science and Technology (2000), a Chinese firm can only be register or certified as high-tech only if it meets the following requirements: at least 30% of its employees have college or higher level education, more than 10% of its sales is spent on R&D, and more than 60% of its sales is related to technology services and high-tech products.

The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (2004) stated that Chinese firms are having a lot of difficulties in reaching sophistication in technology, because the lack information, they are facing the price wars and the patent infringements.
In terms of information, according to Mydans, Seth (2007, April 9), 80% the world's electronically stored information is in English. This percent includes the world R&D data, narrowing the number of people that will be able to use it. The necessity of English as a second language for the Chinese population is clearly stated in all this points; it will be a requisite for the continued growth of the technologic industry and its workers.

Another major concern in China is the quality of life of the Chinese population. According Chong, Wang (2010, July 14), China has improved its ranking from 116th in 2006 to 97th in 2010 among 194 countries. The 97th place still shows how Chinese people spend most of their life working to be able to afford basic things like housing expenses and healthcare; because leisure is most of the Chinese people plans, their budget is too short, and these people have become accustomed to living with the minimum.

Jing, Fu (2008, August 28) affirmed that in China there are 21.48 million rural poor still facing food and clothing shortages, and there still are 35.5 million low-income earners. The poor account for 6 percent of the population in rural areas and 13.7 percent in the western regions and the number for absolute poverty would be around 100...

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