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China Reform Essay

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I"It matters not whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice." Deng Xiaoping

DENG XIAOPING : The chinese reform
Elmahdi Fathi : 2014-81611

China has always been renowned for being successful in the domains of science and arts, however in previous decades, China has been ravaged by famines, civil discomfort and foreign outsourcing. China was consumed by this injustice until well after the Second World War when Mao Zedong introduced Communism adapted from the U.S.S.R, and created an autocratic socialist system which imposes firm constraints upon the Chinese social, political and economic system. It wasn't until the 1980's China's following leader Deng Xiaoping ...view middle of the document...

This system had helped the rural income to be doubled. It marked a successful modernization of agriculture. Besides the modernization of agriculture, in the Deng era, there was a shift from central planning and reliance on heavy industry to consumer-oriented industries and reliance on foreign trade and investment. Some of the new factories were purchased from other countries; some of them were built with local resources. Capitalist enterprise was accepted in industry. People were allowed to invest in workshop, hire people to work for them, and earn profits from the work that was done by the employees if they had the funds to do so. Foreign investors were allowed to do the same. They built factories and used cheap Chinese labors to produce goods for export. Deng had set up a successfully solution that lowered the rate of unemployment Chinese and to improve the industrial market. These new factories and workshops not only provided a lot of jobs for unemployed Chinese, but also to have modern machines that was brought in by the foreign investors and Chinese workers had opportunities to be trained to use it. Feeling this was not enough to boost the economic up, Deng loaned money from IMF and the World Bank to upgrade machinery and establish new manufacturing and industrial development.He opened a total of five towns and villages and allowed foreign investors to build factories and hire Chinese to work for them. It might not be the best way to reform the economic as a whole, but it played an important role because it benefited the Chinese workers, the investors, and the Chinese government. During the 1980s, Deng promoted the “open door” policy to encourage foreign investment and to trade with the world. China needed larger quantities of raw materials to fuel its industrial growth so they signed contracts for minerals, timer, and so forth. It had not only provided China with raw materials that were needed, but also improved the relations with other neighbor counties and the US. China’s economic growth would be much better if the relationship between China and other counties was relaxed than a tense international environment. With the ‘open door’ policy, China boosted the publications and entertainment of all kinds. New brands of clothing appeared in China. a number of

privateowned restaurants and roadside vendors increased along with the appearance of disco in big cities. These new changes in the Chinese society showed that it was a sign of change for the bet ter, and the Chinese economy kept on growing.

What social, cultural and political impacts has the economic development produced? With the growth of the economic development, there were some impacts that it produced that affected the social, cultural and political. As China opened its door for foreign investors to invest in China and to trade with China, a lot of officials found opportunities to enrich themselves and their friends in the changed of economic. embezzling state property,...

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