Chilean Miners Trapped Essay

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Knowing Your Audience
Jacqueline Corcoran
November 12, 2012
Kim Hilton

Knowing Your Audience
One of the most important steps in the communication process is knowing your audience. This is important because different users of information or receivers of information require different things. Unfortunately this can become a hefty task because even within a set group, many people as individuals perceive language and communication differently. In the article about the trapped Chilean miners, you have a mixed audience that will be hearing this news. These are different stakeholders mostly internal but some external. The primary individuals affected and there priority level are ...view middle of the document...

The message would be factual, extremely empathetic, and also reassuring. This message would also request that all their questions or updates come from cooperate designated people and not the Internet or news. I would also make it clear that they are not at liberty to discuss or share information with news or media including social networking websites. I then would address all of the other employees in a face-to-face company wide meeting even if teleconferencing was needed. A summation of this meeting would be sent out company wide via e-mail. I would not announce the names of the 33 miners but I would explain the situation factually, and the current process being done to rescue the miners, and be prepared to speak about investigation into safer practices to mitigate future potential incidents. I then would prepare a press release or approve one along with a memo detailing the concerns to financial stakeholders and send this out through e-mail, as well as post it on any company websites internally and externally.
Each message would detail the current state, attempts being made, future possibilities to rescue, as well as reassurance to the family members and employees of support and root cause analysis of what caused the hazard. Followed by explicit direction not to share company information...

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