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Chilean Miners Essay

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Chilean Miners Trapped and Rescued

Tyrone Norris


February 20, 2012

Velonta Adams

Chilean Miners Trapped and Rescued
The Chilean miners’ accident was surely a frightening incident for the miners themselves and their families. This incident that occurred raised a great many of questions of whom the Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera was faced to answer. With all things considered, it would have been to his credit to ensure that as many facts as possible be gathered to deliver information about the accident to families and the media. The Chilean miner’s accident was examined from many different perspectives and shed light on the position of the company, Compania Minera San ...view middle of the document...

They would need to know if they are still alive, are they injured if alive, how long they have been trapped, and what’s being done in rescue efforts to save them. When the reports of the media regarding the current condition of the miners were received by their families, it must have provided a level of ease and comfort to a certain degree. It would have also made the difference as to what tone the media set forth in their communication about the miners. An example of this tone would be; “Two days after the roof of the mine collapsed and miners became trapped, rescue efforts hit a snag.” Chile Mine Collapse: Facts about the Amazing Survival Story, by Wynne Parry and Rachael Rettner. This of course, brings about an increased concern and level of fear for the safety of the miners from the families, friends and co-workers. Another report that soon followed was, “A second cave-in on Saturday forced rescuers to suspend works for several hours. Workers are trapped at a depth of around 300 meters.” Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse, by Juan Weik. This article was a communication that could have possible struck extreme fear and dismay in the hearts of the families or it could put them in a stronger state of hope for a victorious outcome.
The rescue efforts for the Chilean miners reached a level of successful attempts. The miners, families and the company began to see the light and the end of the tunnel in this rescue. The company’s concern...

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