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Childrens Participation In Early Education Essay

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Encouraging and supporting childrens participation

In this essay I will be reflecting on the range of strategies used to encourage and support childrens participation.
I will do this from the directed task of observation, planning, implementing, and evaluating an activity and using the information to reflect on the range of strategies used to engage the children and facilitate their participation and learning. I will be linking my practice to different theories and looking at the research of  Ferre laevers [Leavers 1994I will also be reflecting on the document entitled, The Convention Of the Rights of the Child to Participate [CRC 1989] and looking at how this links to ...view middle of the document...

 [Bowlby 1969[a child that feels secure and has firm attachments with care givers will have the confidence to try out new activities and will feel empowered to achieve [2.4 EYFS] The children in the group have a strong attachment to myself as their keyworker enabling each childto feel confident to undertake a new task ,. This has the effect of empowering the children [ Melraban1964] and boosting their self esteem.
Prise and encouragement [ skinner 1931]also aided the childrens motivation levelsand helped them to complete the task. This acticvity was beneficial for the childs listening skills, turn taking and carrying out intructions
[Goleman 1998], thus developing their cognitive skills [vygosky 1961]
and use of language to organize, clarify and sequence feelings and ideas.  [4.4 EYFS 2008]  

The environment in which the activity is taking place is also crucial to the outcome of the childrens participation, [Enabling environments EYSS 2008] if the environment allows space and uninterrupted time to complete the activity, is visually stimulating, inclusive to allow all children to participate with relevant resources [a unique child EYFS 2008]] then the children will be naturally driven to take part in the activity. Children’s drive to do things in a particular way is in part biologically driven [ Ayres ] Their development will be enhanced if adults provide a safe and stimulating environment in which children can explore their innate drives, at their own pace and in their own ways. Most children tend to seek out the activities that provide experiences which are most beneficial to them at that point in development [ Piaget 1936]Cognitive theories of development emphasize the role of mental processes such as thinking, recalling, and analyzing. . It is also vital for the adult leading the activity to show from facial expressions, tone of voiceand body language that they are enthusiastic, engaging ,
welcoming and that the activity is going to be interesting and lots of fun. It is important that the adult models the activity and scaffolds the children [ Bruner 1960] when necessary, for example one of the children had trouble cracking the egg, so instead of stepping in, I ask if he would like me to help, instead of taking over the task and doing it for him, the child just wanted me to show him again how I had cracked the egg. He then went on to complete the task himself boosting his self esteem and empowering him to try out difficult situations.[ Dewey 1925]
Tina Bruce [Bruce 1998] suggests that there is always the chance that the adult may dominate an activity and that the child loses interest in the outcome. As practionors we must be aware of this and get the balance just right knowing if and when we should step [ ETFS 2.4]

During reflection time with the children [High scope Approach 1970] we sat and talked about the mornings activity, the children were able to recall the event and talk about the activity together [piaget ...

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