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Children Violence Television Essay

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Nic J
Professor Keith
English 1101

Society, Television, & Violence

On average, American’s watch at least four hours of television a day. Over the year’s television undoubtedly has become more violent. Even though television is a reflection of life, television can manipulate certain situations to make them more violent than what they are, and convey a negative message toward society, particularly the youth. This is evident through, the increased violence seen in today’s children/teens.
Unfortunately, numerous television shows are highly violent. Being that children’s minds have not yet fully developed, they become immune in a way to the true and actual horror of violence. The biggest problem is that shows that are violent seem very realistic. Children imitate the violence seen on T.V.; they gradually accept violence as a way to solve their problems. Television can be a major ...view middle of the document...

What a child learns about violence, a child learns for life. When a children watch television, they don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. This causes children to think what he or she is watching is okay and it’s natural for this to happen all the time. As children grow, from ages 6 to 11 their outlook on how cool violence is doesn’t change. At this age, children will start to show aggressive behavior trying to be like their favorite characters. Scientific studies show that people who watched violent television as children are twice as more likely to be violent when they become adults. Seeing these violent programs growing up, will stick in the back of adult’s heads and make them a much more aggressive person. .” Mark Twitchell, a thirty-one year old man was on trial for murder. He was obsessed with the show Dexter, who was portrayed as a serial killer. Twitchell wanted to be just like him and planned detailed descriptions of how he was going to become a serial killer.

Violent content on television is constantly on. In most American home’s, children have their own TV’s in their room’s, and have constant access to the television. Children's Saturday morning shows portray vast amounts of violence, like Tom & Jerry. Some research was conducted by the American Psychiatric Association in reported that adolescents will have witnessed 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 violent acts by 18 years old. Statistics show 73% of the time the good guy is usually the one who is the most violent but always goes unpunished and is usually justified. Think about the show 24 or CSI: Miami. The good guy kill people and it looks really cool when they do it. This is just showing kids it is okay to just take out a gun and kill someone. It also shows people jumping 10 stories out of a building and surviving. We all know these things are far from okay.

Television does have negative impacts on children and teens across the country. Not all television is bad, but by monitoring children’s programs, and teaching the children the negative effects that the actions of violence carry then television could be used as a learning tool about the limits and boundaries of violence.

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