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Children Of Invention, Revisited Essay

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W1 Assignment "Children of Invention, Revisited"

"Children of Invention, Revisited"
Mike Cummings

"Children of Invention, Revisited"

Does being involved in politics in a democratic society make a difference in the results or the controls of government decisions? If we take the time to analyze what is going on in our country today with the many scandals plaguing our government we can show that Winton’s optimistic political vision will work. Winston clearly states both sides of the argument in the last paragraph of the Introduction to Society, ethics, and technology. To summarize Winston’s last paragraph low information and uninvolved people will not be able to or have less ...view middle of the document...

Therefore it cannot act on its own. When congress at the federal level tried to restrict Americans constitutional rights of keeping and bearing arms, high information and involved Americans rose up and fought against this legislation and defeated it. Should we as a society try and keep the mentally ill and criminals from getting guns? Yes because they add a dangerous element to the use of the gun. Should we make it more difficult for honest citizens to get guns or to have the federal government know that they have them? No because law abiding gun owners add an element of security to our lives and the right to property and privacy are guaranteed by the constitution of the Unites States.
Winston states “We are all stakeholders in decisions concerning technology (Winston, & Edelbach, 2012, p. 23-24)” which could not be more true than in the areas of drone use and stem cell research. The technology to include the hardware and software surrounding drones became very controversial when it became commonly known that the government was using spy drones over America. Since drones have been used overseas to locate and destroy enemies of the United States Americans started questioning the use of drones over the United States. What was the purpose? Could American citizens be targeted by these drones? Was it ok to kill Americans? Legislation will be debated on these questions and hopefully with the involvement of high information and involved Americans.
Stem cell research raises many controversies because most people relate stem cells to embryos. The only way to get embryonic stem cells is from embryos therefore many relate this to growing embryos outside the womb or removing them from the womb to harvest the cells thus killing the embryo thus linking it to abortion. To understand stem cell research on must first understand the definition of stem cell. Stem Cell: a cell that upon division replaces its own numbers and also gives rise to cells that...

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