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Children First Essay

3985 words - 16 pages

Title of module: Early Care & Education Practice

Module Code: 5N1770

Level: 5

Assessment Technique: Assignment 1

Assessment Weighting: 30%

Date Brief Issued: 22nd September 2015

Assessment Submission Date: 3rd November 2015

Assignment title: Historical Perspective on the development of the ECCE sector in Ireland

Aim: My aim is to investigate and present a comprehensive and informative profile of the history of the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECCE) sector today in Ireland.

Objectives: My objectives are to:
* Present informative overview of the history of the ECCE provision in Ireland and the development of the ECCE sector.
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Most women in Ireland did not work outside home as the marriage bar on women working in the public service was not lifted until 1973. The thinking then was that children were little adults and they were treated accordingly. Examples of this are they were dressed like mini adults, sent to work at a very young age, they were to be seen not heard and so had no voice. There was just a little focus on the pre-school education in Ireland until 1990’s. The progress of the pre-school education has come from the private rather than the public sector of the pre-school area in Ireland at that time. The ECEC needs of babies, children and their families were met by voluntary, private and community enterprises. A range of social, economic and political factors also affected how children were treated.
The Early Childhood Care and Education service provision was unregulated until 1997. When the Child Care Regulations came into effect there was no stipulation made regarding the qualifications necessary to deliver such services as also there many services provided by the voluntary and community sector which they heavily relied on voluntary staff. Opportunities were limited in those times; salaries were very low and conditions of the employment was very poor. Working in the childcare sector was not seen as a good career choice as the opportunities were limited.

However, one of the first state run pre-schools was opened in Ruthland street in Dublin in 1969 which was a type of school known as an early start pre-school which this initiative came from the public sector. Then 40 other pre-schools were opened nationally The aim of these pre-schools is to combat the effects of economic and social disadvantage on educational achievement. Also their aim is to give children a good start to their education.

Ireland authorised UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1992 which helped to bring the rights of children to public which is very important for the change of the view of children in the past. In 2000 National Children’s Strategy was published by the Department of Health and Children which was a ten-year plan in Ireland to improve children’s life in Ireland. According to Flood, E. Hardy, (2013) the goal of the National Children’s Strategy is that ‘children will receive quality supports and services to promote all aspects of their development’.

In 1998 the National Forum on Early Childhood Education was established. This forum brought organisations and individuals with an interest in early childhood education and number of initiatives came from this including the White Paper on Early Childhood Education, Ready to Learn (1999). This set out government policy on issues related to the early childhood education and it recognised that there was a need to standardise provision in the ECCE sector.

As according to Flood, E. Hardy, (2013) in 2002 the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE) was established and its work included to achieve...

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