Children And Television Essay

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Children and Television
COM 156
July 5, 2015

Children and Television
How spongy is the mind of a child? How much does sitting in-front of the television effect a child throughout the years? Children are very moldable creatures and they have the mind of a sponge. They say and act the way they are taught or see and pick up on all the different things they are always around. Television has progressively gotten worse throughout the years, and children have changed the way they act to mimic the television. Children and television are things that should not be placed together for long periods of time since the behavioral influence and health effects are ever-lasting.
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Watching television replaces activities that have been known to help raise grades such as reading, studying and doing homework. Using electronics are not always a bad thing, if they are used to learn and grow it is different than just sitting in-front of a television or game.
The way that children view the world is formed by what they see and hear. ‘Children can come to view the world as a mean or scary place when they take the violence and other disturbing themes on television to accurate in real life.’ (Boyse, 2010). Being frightened or scared by the things that they see on the television can cause bad dreams, can cause children to feel alone and also can cause them to withdraw from their friends. Most of the time children do not understand how to convey these feeling to adults or they can get scared about what an adult will say when they try to convey their feelings. When they have a hard time conveying these results, it can cause disruption in the family. Sometimes children cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is fake because they get things confused in their head. There are times when a child as an adult has regrets of watching scary movies in their childhood. Having thoughts about scary movies can make them think that they are going to be a victim of violence. Violent television can cause a child to feel fear and feel that they might be a victim of what they see or even a natural disaster. Watching movies with fictional characters in it can cause a child to think that what they are seeing on the television is real, and by seeing these things a child might get scared.
Watching television can cause long-term health effects on a child as they grow up. Studies have linked health decline to the amount of television they have watched as a child. Adults who are overweight and obese watched more television as a child than adults who are at the correct weight. Watching too much television can cause a sleep pattern to get out of cycle which can cause the body to not process foods correctly. Not being able to process foods correctly is how the body stores extra fats that they should get rid of by playing outside and burning calories. By sitting in front of the television children do not move around as much as a child who plays outside or even a child who reads a book....

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