Children And Technology Essay

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Struggle of Aboriginals in Canada

“We owe the aboriginal peoples a debt that is four centuries old. It is their turn to become full partners in developing an even greater Canada. And the reconciliation required may be less a matter of legal texts than of attitudes of the heart.”

- Roméo LeBlanc

Aboriginal people are called the people from “First Nations” in Canada who have rich historical, cultural and spiritual traditions. However, many of these traditions were altered or even taken away upon the arrival of British and French settlers in Canada. Since then, forcing colonial culture and values on Aboriginal societies, the dispossession of Aboriginal lands and the ...view middle of the document...

Allocation of self-governments of aboriginals by Federal Government of Canada is further leading to problem of corruption. Aboriginals still need to come out of their low Human Development Index as it is an essential factor leading to high corruption level. This becomes clearer as we get to see the following quote taken from a recent article published in Huff Post Canada,

“Canada learned that it has dropped out of the top ten and into 11th place in the United Nations' annual Human Development Index (HDI). The change has raised calls for the government to focus on education and income inequality in its upcoming budget, rather than concentrating on deficit reduction” (Tencer).

Corruption in governance of aboriginal communities in Canada has been reported to be prevalent. In recent decades, First Nations in Canada have often been accused singularly of considerable corruption in its governance and administration of public funds (Hussain). Corruption is not inherently widespread in any particular society. Corruption is largely a manifestation of greed and lust for power, as well as economic desperation (Wong). The ongoing economic crisis appears to be the major factor causing noticeable corruption within the First Nation communities. This economic dispossession is a result of centuries of Federal Government Acts and policies which had included the subjective seizure of land and abolishment of human rights over the aboriginals. This situation has eventually developed into a present-day low Human Development Index for aboriginal communities. Simple delivery of more money to the aboriginal communities would not necessarily solve the problem of economic deprivation. Aboriginal people are not yet ready to be on their own as their economic structure and social order of aboriginal communities had essentially been destroyed to leave the people with no self-governing means of sustenance. Proper election of visionary leaders and realistic strategies to detect and solve corruption by engaging community members would be required. The present domineering Indian Act of Canada would need to be canceled to provide the First Nations with all the means and tools to achieve a considerably higher level of Human Development Index. Segregation of aboriginals by the Federal Government and leaving them to fend themselves with a poor economic and social structure is further aggravating problem of corruption.

Despite employment opportunities or even relief in the form of charity and other subsidies, many Aboriginal people are continuing to suffer from poverty and a low standard of living. This was publicized through Attawapiskat First Nations Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, also known as the “Idle No More” movement. This movement was aimed at drawing attention to the Federal Government’s failure to respect native treaty rights. Even though the movement was originally not associated with Spence’s protest, proponents now has join together with the...

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