Children And Marijuana Don't Mix: Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Kept Illegal

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"Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind." This quote exaggerated by the Harry J. Anslinger, an anti-drug activist and a former US Representative to the United Nations Narcotics Commission, showed how he used fear to invoke to the public about how marijuana is bad. Marijuana first came about in the United States around 7000-8000 b.c. where the hemp fabric was believed to be the first woven fabric. Around that time until the late 1700's, it was used for its hemp fabric. It wasn't until the 1900's, after the Food and Drug Administration was established, where marijuana had any government insight. From there it was recognized in Utah as a dire drug and passed the ...view middle of the document...

Any time you make something legal, you increase the accessibility to children. All too often kids and teenagers get there hands on alcohol or cigarettes. We shouldn't let the same thing happen with marijuana. Many of today's youth has the perception that marijuana is a harmless drug. This is because of new marketing tactics of drug promoters (SEE sheet). A decade ago, for example, seventy nine percent of 12th graders thought regular marijuana use was harmful, where only fifty-eight percent do today. Marketing would also increase young interest into smoking marijuana. Like the tobacco industry's clever psychological marketing and advertisement, the marijuana industry would do the same, undermining targeting young Americans. A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry (SEE sheet) found that teens' brains are hardwired for addiction, making them more vulnerable to the addictive properties of drugs, where then leading them for a bigger high and thus marijuana acting as a gateway drug for teens and children. Studies from the National Drug Control Policy show that developing brains and bodies can be dealt serious blows by the use of marijuana. It damages brain cells and decreases short-term memory, attention span and motivation. (Morgan 3) A long term study of a thousand children found that those who had used marijuana by the age of 13 were more than three times as likely to develop a mental illness as adults. A tenth of these youth developed schizophrenia, compared to three percent of the non-using groups. In 2003, one out of every six high school seniors admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana (SEE Sheet). After the Netherlands legalized marijuana use for adults, the usage rate for 15 to 20 year olds nearly tripled from 15 to 44 percent. (Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. 2)Many affirmative drug activists say that Marijuana leading to other drugs is a myth. The truth is that after doing marijuana, you would need to move on to harder drugs like LSD, Heroine, and Cocaine for a sought after 'bigger high.' They say...

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