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Children And Domestic Violence Essay

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Intimate Partner Abuse and Children
FACS 475
November 19, 2015

This paper will go in depth about intimate partner violence, its causes and the various effects that intimate partner violence has on a child. Intimate partner violence is a problem that has various views in the different religions, cultures, and countries around the world. Many people think that because the abuse is not happening to the child, that the child will not be affected by the abuse. What those people fail to realize is that children see and learn from everything that they are exposed to. When someone, especially children, are exposed to negative behaviors for so long, they become accustomed to them and ...view middle of the document...

15). Intimate partner violence is an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. The victim will have physical scars that embarrassing and emotional scars that will debilitate them from forming healthy relationships in the future. The abuser will hopefully end up being incarcerated, losing years of their life. Although they, the abuser and the victim are opposites, will both go through years of recovery.

Children of Intimate partner violence
When one person in a family goes through intimate partner violence, it impacts the whole family. When a child sees their parents physically fighting, they may know exactly what is going on and may try to protect the parent that is being abused, especially if the child is a son (Abell, 2008). While on the other side of the spectrum, they may not know what is happening at the moment, but something inside of them knows that it is not right; when all that they see is their parents beating on each other and abusing each other verbally, it becomes their normal. They become numb to the feeling that it is not right to beat on the people that they love. “A national survey of over 6,000 families revealed that 50% of men who frequently abused their partner also abused their children” (Abell, 2008). Being that the survey was only 6,000 families, it is more likely that the percentage of men that abuse their partner often abuse their children too, is higher than what was recorded.
For the children that have been a witness to intimate partner violence, they may have both immediate and long-term effects. Children, who have witnessed child abuse, will have high anxiety (Abell, 2008). They will become anxious when they see the parent that is the abuser, and even more anxious when their parents are fighting. Some of the long-term effects are low self-esteem, depression, suicidal, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse (Abell, 2008). Children will develop these disorders, because of the stress, anxiety and the violence they went through. When they turn to drugs and alcohol, it is usually to numb the painful memories that they have or even to try to numb their own pain that occurs from the abuse. “Every child has an inner life built on relationships and a developing understanding of the world around them” (Emmanuel, 2004). When an inner life is built off of relationships and the one relationship that they look to is degrading and abusive, their inner world falls apart. That inner world is no longer there, and they try to find other things to replace it with, such as drugs, other people, or alcohol.

Biblical Insights
In today’s society, there are many women who think that because they are married, they cannot escape the abuse from their husbands, because they are married. Although God commands, “Husbands, love your wives, do not be harsh with them” in Colossians 3:19, many “Christian” men are abusive to their wives, disobeying what God has explicitly told them not to do. In any...

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