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Children Affected By War Crimes Essay

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Children that are affected by war crimes have their lives turned upside down but they never give up to reach the peace they always sought. Looking back at Disney’s Peter Pan the lost boys were those who fought off pirates and crocodiles before flying off to Never Never Land. The same goes for the youth in Africa where they sought refugee, and fled the camps by whatever means necessary. In the book What Is The What Valentino describes his journey to America to be a miracle, having gone through a dark road which he finally reached the light of. It was because of The Lost Boys Foundation that many lives have been turned around and children have been saved. During the civil war in Sudan in ...view middle of the document...

There are thousands of children just like them who have traveled alonged this journey to reach to America, some unfortuneately don’t make it due to the hardships they face. "If you don't know how to swim, then you remain in that water," recalls Zachariah Magok. "We saw so many people who were just floating on the river." After arriving to America after a short period of time Valentino is robbed and felt helpless reminding him of the times in Sudan he says “you would not add to my suffering if you knew what I have seen.” (29) These boys adjustment and journey is not an easy one, as described in the article this isn’t a free trip here. They must pay the airfare back once they are settled and on their feet. Although the travelers get to come to America and be provided with a place to stay and given insurance, they still must get a job and decide what it is that they want to do since they will have to start paying rent and also reimburse the airfare from Africa to America. This comes as a struggle for these survivors, after having gone through all this hardship to get to where they are they now are under pressure to be on their own. But its no surprise that these children are able to do that after traveling for years through valleys, deserts, and across rivers this is a task they are able to accomplish.
Not only is there a Lost Boys Foundation but also an Alliance for the boys that are here in America, to offer more support than what is initially given to them. Working, paying rent, school fees, and the basic necessities are hard to come by since they must do everything on their own. (241) This organization offers help with tuition and books for those enrolled in school, so they don’t have to work and study at the same time. In the book Valentino mentions that there was speculation that Mary (founder of The Lost Boys) could be misusing donations and college admissions for the boys weren’t going as planned. (165) This was due to money being spent on various different events and activities for the boys. Showing the boys a different side to the world by having them interact and socialize kept their minds off of the terrors they had gone through in Sudan. Some of the boys became jealous of the ones who got to go to more events or be in the front row thinking that there was a game of favorites being played. (166)
In the novel What Is The What Valentino describes...

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