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A Childhood Toy

Basing on the toy you use in your childhood toy it can be easily predicted who you are going to be in the future. Girls get dolls; that is why there are more women in the fashion industry. In addition to fashion, women are better with interior design, because they are more creative. They can imagine how a room will look with furniture. Boys, on the other hand, are better in engineering. Automotive, construction and computer industry developers are mostly male. The first toy that was a prediction of my future was an electric car. I still remember my reaction when I got it, how important it was to me, and what happened to my favourite toy.

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Inside there was this beautiful shining red remote controlled semi truck with an open trailer. I took the remote wanting to play with it but it was not working. I thought that Santa Claus gave me a broken truck but I flipped the remote upside down and realized there were no batteries in it. After putting batteries in and hitting the red button the horn sounded. Everybody in the room jumped because it was loud and noisy. Then I pressed the forward arrow. It was awesome! The front headlights turned on and the truck started moving forward. An hour later my mom told me to go to bed and that I would have more time to play with my new truck the following day. I remember taking my truck with me and setting it on the table next to my bed. I could fall asleep looking at it, knowing that the first thing in the morning I would see, would be my new toy.

Early next morning my mom woke me up. I wanted to play with my new toy but she told me we had to go to church and added that I would have some time to play when we would get back. I was thinking about my toy all the time. Every step I made, every street I passed, I was thinking it. I was thinking how should I call it. Two hours later when I was back from the church, I took a closer look at my toy. The truck had a silver front grill with a line and a “Volvo” sign on the top. It had “Volvo” stickers on...

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