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Childhood Obesity: The Future Essay

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Childhood Obesity: The Future
Fall 2013 October 21, 2013
Biology 1104
Criminal Justice

In the past three decades childhood obesity has more than doubled in kids and tripled in teenagers, 17 percent of children and teenagers are overweight, which is approximately 12.5 million teens and children who are considered to be obese. First, what is obesity? Obesity is defined as having excess body fat according to one’s age, height, and sex. Obesity is a result of eating too much and not properly balancing ones diet to where the appropriate calories are consumed. Consuming the appropriate amount of calories is one major cause of obesity but it is not the only cause. In some cases, ...view middle of the document...

Obesity takes an immediate effect on children’s health especially if not treated. If the treatment of this disorder is prolonged it can cause long term health problems. Some of the immediate side effects that are expected from children who are considered to be obese are; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes, which eventually can develop into diabetes, bone and joint problems, difficulty breathing, and sleep apnea, which if not treated could lead to death. Obesity doesn’t only affect the child’s body image but also may affect the child’s mind. Children who are obese are more likely to develop psychological problems such as, depression, lower self-esteem, poor body image, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, and be less popular with their peers. More long- term health related risks that can be carried from childhood into adulthood are heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and osteoarthritis. Being obese and overweight go along with several different types of cancers as well, including cancer of the esophagus, kidney, breast, colon, gall bladder, pancreas, thyroid, ovary, cervix. The health related problems obesity comes with are very serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Childhood obesity can all be avoided by doing countless of things. For example, by putting more fruits and vegetables and less sodium in the child’s diet. Exercising, allowing the child to do more hands on activities instead of playing video games, and staying away from fast food restaurants. Basically having healthy eating habits and physical activity can help decrease the child’s chance of becoming obese. Some ways you can manage obese children is by starting a weight management program, change the child’s eating habits by making them eat slower and by setting up an eating routine. Eating meals as a family is another way to manage childhood obesity, instead of eating while on the computer or while watching TV. Setting a good example as parents can also help because children look up to their parents...

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