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Childhood Memories Essay

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Childhood Memories

During the hot summer of June a bunch of the senior football players and coaches got to go to Calamus and camp out for a week. It was a way to try to build team unity and to have a good time. There were three different groups of cars that were filled of people, some were trailing boats and some were towing campers. For my sake I was in a car that wasn’t completely full so that meant that I had room to spread out and fall asleep. This meant that a four-hour ride only seemed like it was two.
Once we got there we had to set up camp and went to have a look around the area. Our campground was right next to a beach on a lake so we had a great spot. Before we knew it we were reminded that this was also a football getaway and two or three times a day we had conditioning out on the beach. One time we had to climb up a very steep sand hill and touch ...view middle of the document...

Everybody would find a little sand bar out in the lake then set up camp and have our own party out on the sand bar all day long.
One of the days coach Harsin found a large school of minnows and a way to get out of conditioning that day everyone decided that if the players could find a way to catch a minnow and swallow it, then that would be enough to get us out of conditioning for the night time shift. Everyone was able to do it but Matt Zuroski, because he puked up the scared to death minnow. Since we were able to get out of conditioning everybody thought that it would be a good idea to have a bon fire out on the beach as a whole team and have ourselves a little version of a talent show.
Everybody got into groups and had to think of a talent that they could show off and decide who was the winner. Matt’ group did there own version of a Blair High School cheerleaders cheer and ended it off with a back flip while the other group thought it would be cool to show off how they could all juggle tennis balls. My group ended up winning by showing our talent of music and we sang the song dreaming of a white Christmas with Goose at the base. Everyone shared some laughs and started to pack up to go to the tents and off in the distance we could see lightning and hear thunder. This is something that we would experience every night we were there.
Every night the area that we were in was under a severe thunderstorm warning and it seemed like we had hurricane force winds and lightning every second for the whole night. Some groups had campers and the others had tents. My group had a tent and we were to lazy to actually anchor it down to the ground so the only thing that was keeping our tent from blowing away were the bodies that were in it. Every morning the groups would come back outside and see how everything looked different. But we all made it and safely were able to pack everything back up because the week adventure was over. Everyone jumped into there cars and we started to head back to Blair.

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