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Childhood Depression Essay

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PYC 4802: Assignment 3

Interest in the study of adolescent depression and it's characteristic features has gained a lot more attention and research in recent years, especially due to the fact that the rate of adolescent depression has seemed to have increased of late. A great deal more research has been done on adult depression in the past, thus the study and interpretation of adolescent depression is a relatively new research field in comparison as discussed by Crowe (2006) Adult criteria was used to diagnose adolescent depression in early studies of adolescent depression, which was in the 1970s and 1980s era. The variations in the comparative rates of the presence of particular symptoms ...view middle of the document...

(1999) and cited by Crowe (2006)

According to Han (2009) Adolescent depression is also closely related to parent child relationships. The parent child relationship is also closely linked to parental work shift, which affects adolescent depression. Roth and Brooks-Gunn (2000) suggest that a positive and healthy parent child relationship plays a crucial role in the development of children and can act as protection against negative outcomes for children, as cited by Han (2009)

Parents work schedules affect the extent to which they can be involved in attending to family responsibilities. The parent-child relationship has been highlighted by developmental psychologists and discussed by Belsky (2001) and cited in Han (2009) , as playing an essential role in children's abilities to have a healthy relationship with their environment. Children s later well-being is affected by their abilities to take with them social capital such as values, that they may be modeling from their parents, as described by behavioral theory.

Working parents might be under too much pressure with their work shifts, that they may not have the emotional energy to build on healthy relationships with their children, thereby impeding their children s healthy development. Heymann (2000) argues that this could be a contributing factor in children becoming depressed, as cited by Han (2009).

Han (2009) suggests that a higher adolescent depression was found to be related to children who’s parents work in the evenings. A good relationship with fathers and having meals together acts as a protective factor against adolescent depression as negative impacts on a child’s well being have been documented when this is not the case. Children whose parents know their whereabouts tend to have a lower rate of depression. These kinds of parents usually have irregular work shifts.

A problem with this particular study on the relationship between parental work shifts and childhood depression is that some parents may have worked over weekends or changed their work schedules between data collection points thus measures of non standard work may under count the occurrence of shift work.

Culture and ethnicity also needs to be considered in the discussion of the role of context with regards to depression, as discussed by Crowe (2006) There has been an increase in interest in studying the role of culture in the identification and diagnosis of depression. Surrounding social conditions and personality variables are affected by ethnicity and culture. Manson (1995), cited in Crowe (2006) proposes that people have the same innate human properties that are shared universally, regardless of their culture and race or geographic location. It can thus be assumed that human emotions are shared and that human experiences are similar. It is based on these assumptions that diagnostic criteria for depression are built. Research points to the fact that people from different cultures express...

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