Childcare Level 3 Unit 1 Essay

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Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children

E1 and E2:

There are 3 different types of settings which provide care and education for children. These are separated into 3 different sectors, Statutory, Private and Voluntary.

Statutory Sector:

Statutory setting are services that have to be available by law. These services are usually funded by either central or local government. These funds are usually collected in the way of taxation and usually distributed in the way of grants. Sometimes there is not enough government provision to provide for the care of children. When this happens, the government 'buy in' services from other sectors and pay for their services. This can be in ...view middle of the document...

They support children through a secure environment to develop them emotionally and physically. The activities they do are purposely aimed to support each child's ability and or disability they aim to develop a structure of self-esteem through earning rewards or badges which help them gain their own confidence through positive praise, parents are asked to help their children develop in The Boys Brigade and become better citizens.

( The Boys Brigade, 2013)

Private Sector:

These are services that will have an owner or be run by a company. These services are funded by profit. Private childcare provision may still be accessible to those who cannot afford them in the way of government schemes. Types of private services are Crèches, Private nurseries, Private hospitals and Private schools they're called private but known as public not run by state. Private companies are out to make a profit and there is normally a high fee to pay just to attend that place. Buckholme towers is a private school that you have to pay a fee to attend. The school supports children through having small amounts of students in their classes which allows them to get the best support on their weaknesses and that their strengths and talents are developed to the best of their ability to help them excel.

( Buckholme Towers, 2013)


The United Nations convention on the rights of the children this was devised in 1989 but took effect on 14th October 1991; This legislation gives everyone under the age of 18 their own rights. There are 5 major aspects to this convention

Supports the principles of non-discrimination
Emphasizes the significance of fundamental human dignity
Works towards respect for children
Underlines and stands up for the family's role in the children’s lives
Establishes well-defined obligations for member countries to guarantee that their legal framework is in line with their provisions of the convention

The Human Rights Act 1998 this provided children equivalent rights to adults. This meant they have the rights to grandeur, respect and impartiality in the way they are cared for. This then meant no physical punishment in schools because it is seen as mortifying, undignified and a infringement of the child's rights.
The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 makes it illegal to differentiate on the grounds of gender. This would insinuate that it would be prohibited to plan activities for just girls and not boys such as allowing a girl to wear a dress yet telling a boy they are not allowed to put on a dress because it is designed for females.
The Childcare act 2006 impacts much of the day to day procedure for example the adult to child allocation in rooms and types of snacks made obtainable for children. This act also postulates the framework for the EYFS.

E4: - Describe the recognised principles and values that underpin working with children

The Early Years Foundation Stage [EYFS] curriculum framework steers practitioners to...

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