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Childcare Level 2 Essay

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Qualification Purpose Statement
Qualification title
NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in an Introduction to Early Years Education and
Care [601/2536/6]

What does this qualification cover?
This qualification prepares you to work with children from birth and five years, and
includes knowledge of working with children up to seven years.
The following are mandatory units:

Support physical care routines for children
An introduction to the role of the early years practitioner
Understand how to work in partnership
Understand legislation relating to the safeguarding, protection and welfare of
Use legislation relating to the health and safety of children
Use legislation ...view middle of the document...

What knowledge and skills will this qualification give you?
Completion of this qualification will prepare you to work with children from birth to
five years, providing the knowledge and skills required to work under supervision in a
variety of early years settings, for example:

being able to communicate to meet individuals’ needs and preferences.
understanding working relationships in early years
understanding approaches to planning when working with children from birth
to 7 years
being able to support positive behaviour
being able to reflect on own role in relation to managing children’s behaviour
in own setting.

Is this qualification right for you?
This qualification is ideal if you are looking to work with children between birth and
five years, and gain knowledge of working with children up to seven years. You do
not need to have previous experience or qualifications in working with children to
undertake this qualification.
You will need to be working, volunteering or on practical placement as you will need
to show competence in both knowledge and skills. We recommend you complete
250 placement hours whilst undertaking this qualification.

Why should you take this particular qualification?
This qualification is the only qualification at this level that is specifically aimed at
those who wish to enter the workforce in a supervised role in children’s settings
and/or work towards Early Years Educator status.
There are other childcare related Certificates at level 2 e.g. the Level 2 Certificate for
the Children and Young People’s Workforce and the Level 2 Certificate in
Introducing Caring for Children and Young People; however these are aimed at
learners who have prior experience in childcare or, in the case of the Certificate for
the Children and Young People’s Workforce, already have an understanding or
some experience of...

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